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Kingdom Kids

We are committed to children. It is our belief that children are vital to the Kingdom of God, not ​as some future part of the church. but as vibrant, active parts of our church today. We love kids and want to see their lives grow in the Lord Jesus. We are devoted to teaching them in love, and modeling Christ to them, and teaching them to love others like Christ in their lives.

We have a very active Children's Church program on Sunday mornings. The Children participate in our regular worship celebration on Sunday mornings, and then are dismissed before the message to recieve their own age appropriate message.

Wednesday evenings our children gather for a meal at 6:30 pm, and then have their own special service time at 7 pm. They have lots of fun activities, puppets, illusions, music and lots more each week!

We would love to have your children be a part of our "family" each service.

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